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Award Winning Professional with Twenty Years Experience.Comfortable with business, technical and creative personnel with Marketing & Design Degrees.

I am a Senior Level Creative Consultant and User Experience Architect with 20+ years experience of fun, healthy, productive, practical vision, initiative and multi-disciplinary skills.

From print – to web – to pad – to mobile and beyond…
I  have successfully delivered hundreds of projects spanning a multitude of industries, audiences, markets, organizational types and business challenges: Entertainment, Information Technology, Corporate, Sales & Retail, Insurance, Financial, Manufacturing, Engineering & Architecture, Real Estate, Education, Health & Nutrition, Legal, Sales & Marketing and Telecommunications.

  • Award Winning Professional with Marketing & Design Degrees, plus 20 years experience
  • Team Development and Management Expertise,  Event Production, Executive Presentations
  • Multi-skilled: Analysis, Strategy, Documentation, Production from 1” to 1000’ level
  • Comfortable with business, technical and creative personnel